Zachary Karabashliev

Zachary Karabashliev (born 14 April 1968, Varna, Bulgaria) is a contemporary Bulgarian writer and a playwright. He has graduated in Bulgarian philology from the University of Shumen, Bulgaria. Since 1997, he has been living with his family in San Diego, CA, U.S

His debut novel, 18% Gray (18% Сиво, Ciela Publishers, 2008), published in Bulgaria in his native language is a bestselling title with 7 editions. It won the prestigious Bulgarian Novel of the Year Award given by Edward Vick Foundation, and was a finalist for the renowned literary biennial Elias Canetti Award. It was chosen by anonymous vote to be among the 100 most loved books by Bulgarians in the BBC campaign The Big Read. His other book, A Brief History of the Airplane won the Book of the Year 2009 Award of Helikon. His play Sunday Evening won the most respected theatre award in Bulgaria – ASKEER 2009 and has a successful run in Sofia. His play Recoil is being also awarded as Best New Bulgarian Play, and is being produced now.
Zachary Karabashliev also writes short stories, essays and articles for lifestyle magazines, literary journals and newspapers.


18% Gray

A Brief History of The Airplane


About jasminatacheva

Jasmina Tacheva has graduated from the National High School in Finance and Business in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a specialty in Economics and Management and is currently majoring in Economics at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, but is not afraid to admit that her true passion has always been literature. She published her first poetry collection, "Unrequited", at the age of fifteen. Since then she has completed one novel (unpublished) and is currently working on a joint novel together with Yordan.
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